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Joffre Lake

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This morning when I got up the weather wasn’t that great in Whistler, so I decided to head further north to Joffre Lake. It’s about an hours drive north of Whistler. I got up there around 11:00am and got the last parking spot in the lot. It was very crowded. I walked to the lower lake which only takes about 15 minutes. It was absolutely beautiful as you can see from my pictures. A lady asked me if I could take a picture of their family, so of course I then asked her if she could take one of me. I then headed up to the second lake which was a 3 kilometer hike. The path was good and there were lots of people on it. I also let Iain know where I was going, because when you are alone, its important to do that. The second lake was beautiful too, but about 10 minutes before I got there, it started pouring. There was a third lake you could walk up to, but I decided to head back. It was a wet hike back down. Tonight I went to the Irish pub Dubh LinnGate for dinner. It was a great place!

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Sea to Sky Highway (headed for Whistler)

Stop off at La Conner

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This morning I started the three hour journey from Fairhaven, Bellingham to Whistler. I was driving along and saw a sign that said historic La Conner. I decided to check it out and was so glad I did. It’s along the coast and when you leave highway 5 you are just driving past all these farms. Then all of a sudden you come upon this beautiful little town. There were all these great shops and restaurants. It was the port a long time ago and one of the oldest towns in Washington State. I walked around for about two hours. I had read about he Sea to Sky Highway and it was everything people said it was. It took me awhile to get through Vancouver. I stopped off at these stops along the way to take pictures and to just appreciate the scenery. I stopped off at Porteau Cove and Brandywine Falls. I also stopped off at the Sea to Sky Gondola. There was still snow on the mountains and it was so green. I checked into my hotel at Whistler and then drove around the town to see what was there. I drove to Rainbow Park and walked around and then drove to Alta Lake. It is really beautiful up here. The rest of the night I spent walking around Whistler Village.

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Fairhaven, Bellingham

Fairhaven, Fairhaven Village Inn, Whatcom Falls and Lake Whatcom

sunny 70 °F

Today I left Bellevue Washington and headed to Bellingham. I researched Bellingham and it said there was a nice area called Fairhaven. It was the old town part of Bellingham. The ferry was also leaving from here for the San Juan Islands, so I decided to stay there. I booked a room for two nights at the Fairhaven Village Inn and it was wonderful. It’s right in the middle of the town. There is a great bookstore right across the street from it. The Inn had parking and the rooms were great. I walked around the town for awhile and then I got back in my car and drove to Whatcom Falls. I went and saw the Falls and walked around the park. I then drove down to Lake Whatcom and that was really nice. There were beautiful houses along the water, some with their own boathouses. I ended up back in Fairhaven at the restaurant right next door to the Fairhaven Inn.

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Meeting Family I haven’t seen for 43 years!

Mercer Island

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I left Lake Oswego this morning and drove up highway 5 to Mercer Island. I was going to visit my mom’s cousins daughter. I had not seen her for 43 years. They live on Mercer Island, way up on the top of the hill. They have a beautiful house and they were very happy to see me. It was hilarious. I stayed for awhile talking to them and checking out their house. Of course I forgot to take their picture, so I could add it here. I then drove to Bellevue and spent the night. I was tired of driving on that day.

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Lake Oswego

Art Festival

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Today I drove from Eureka to Lake Oswego. I woke up early, not because I wanted to, but because I wanted to get out of the hotel I was in. The drive was nice. I checked into my hotel and then went to drive around Lake Oswego. It was amazing. My mom had mentioned that her cousin had lived there, so I decided to check it out. I drove down to the Lake and the houses that are all around the lake are unreal. It is beautiful. They all have their own boat docks. They are multi million dollar homes. I noticed by seeing signs that it was their art festival that weekend. I parked and ended up walking around this wonderful art and craft festival. There were lots of booths and live music. I stayed there for most of the afternoon. I bought a picture from an artist. I am so glad I stopped here it really is beautiful!

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