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Portpatrick, Scotland

Dinner at Souter Johnnie's

sunny 70 °F

This morning I drove down to Gordon and Maureen's house in Ayr. They were going to take me to Portpatrick today. Gordon drove and we headed down the coast road all the way to Portpatrick. The drive was beautiful and the weather was sunny and fairly warm. I don't ever remember being at Portpatrick before, so it was nice to go somewhere I have not been. We parked at the Harbor and had lunch outside, yes I said outside right in front of the harbor. It was beautiful. We then walked around the harbor area and took a hike up to a castle called Dunskey Castle. As you can see from my pictures, the castle was very cool. It was perched on a cliff and all rugged rocks underneath it. From the castle you can see all the way down the coastline. In the far distance you can also see Ireland. We walked around some more through the town, to an old church and graveyard that were right in the middle of town. We then drove up to the other side of the harbor to get a different view of Portpatrick. We left Portpatrick and took a military road that followed the shore. We passed Culzean Castle and Gordon stopped along the road, so I could take a picture. The weather was beautiful and the coast looked so pretty as we drove along it. We had a great view of Alisa Craig from the road. We drove to Souter Johnnie's in Kirkoswald for dinner and it was really fun. I went back to Gordon and Maureen's for awhile to download my pictures, and then drove back to Cumnock. Gordon and Maureen, thanks for such a wonderful lunch, dinner and the company for the day. I had a great time in sunny Scotland!

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National Museum of Rural Life

Spending time with Donald

rain 64 °F

Today I drove down to Donald's house. It was raining pretty hard here in Scotland. He decided a good place to go would be the National Museum of Rural Life in East Kilbride. It is a museum with exhibits all about Scottish communities and how people survived and lived many years ago. We arrived around lunchtime and had a great lunch at the Museum. They have a really nice cafe that overlooks some very pretty green fields and a nearby farm. We took our time having lunch and talking. We then started looking at all the exhibits. It was very interesting and I learned a lot about Scotland, that I did not know. I never knew that there were as many people in the highlands as were in the lowlands years ago. Many people were run out of the highlands and the Islands and they never came back. Thanks Donald, it was a cool museum. We left there and Donald took me to do a few errands. I went back to Cumnock and Gary came over for dinner. Betty made a very nice dinner for all of us. Audrey came over later and we all sat around talking. Just another day in Ayrshire, Scotland.

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In Search of Kippford, Scotland

Castle Douglas and spending the day with my in-laws

sunny 68 °F

This morning John, Betty and I decided to go to Castle Douglas and Kippford. Once you ask my father in-law if you want to do something he is always ready before you are. He decided to drive, so I could enjoy the scenery. Yes, you guessed it , we made a picnic before we went. We headed out of Cumnock at 10:00am, but never actually got out until an hour later. Now, if you have ever taken a drive with my in-laws, they both think they know the best road to take. I just sit there and listen, I have no idea which way to go. We drove up the way John wanted to go and after we got all the way up to the top of the town, the road was closed. We then had to turn around and come back down and that's when we were stopped by sheep that were being herded down the road we were on. Yes, this is Scotland! We found another way and we were stopped again by a wide load, blocking both lanes as it was coming toward us. It was the biggest dump truck I have ever seen. We waited for that and eventually made our way out of Cumnock. The weather today was beautiful, and very sunny. We drove south through a gorgeous area of Scotland, not on a big highway, but on a winding backroad. We passed through all these small villages, with beautiful churches. We had to stop again at one point for some cows to go down the road. We drove all along a loch called Loch Ken. My father in-law pointed out many things along the way. They have been to almost every place in Scotland, because they used to be in a caravan club. We stopped to take some pictures along the way. We stopped for lunch in Castle Douglas at a really nice park with a lake called Lochside. We had a great picnic right in front of the lake. John was going to read the paper, so Betty and I took a walk into town. We found this antique store that had millions of things, in it. Of course Betty was trying to lift out something and other things fell to the ground. Nothing broke, but I just kept walking. We left Castle Douglas and headed for Kippford. We had a bit of a hard time finding Kippford. I told John to go the wrong way, so we ended up somewhere else before we ended up in Kippford. We arrived in Kippford finally and it was a beautiful little town. Betty and I walked all along the shore for about a mile. We saw shells that had washed up and the height of the shells was about 5 feet. I have never seen that many sea shells in one place before. There were all these houses with beautiful gardens all along the shore. We walked back into the town, got John and headed for home. John decided to take the road that went on the other side of Lock Ken. According to Betty, it was a very winding road and we should have gone another way home. I was in the front seat and kept asking her if she wanted to change seats, but of course she said no. I enjoyed the ride home and as John said its a good idea to always go a different way back. I agree with you John. The ride home consisted of beautiful scenery and a voice in the back seat that kept repeating "we should never have taken this road". Thanks for the wonderful day John and Betty. I really enjoyed it. The two of you are priceless!!!

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Going for Dunoon, ending up in Portencross

Dinner at the Fairburn

rain 76 °F

When your brother in-law calls you in the morning and asks you if you want to spend the day with him, when it's his day off, that's pretty cool. Of course I do. John, Betty, Gordon and I took off for Dunoon. We drove up to Gourock to catch the ferry to Dunoon. We missed the Ferry by about 15 minutes, but that probably turned out to be a good thing. The weather turned bad and it started to pour. We ended up going to Portencross and having our picnic lunch in the car. We then walked out to Portencross Castle and walked around. We drove back to Troon and walked around there for awhile. The weather was great by the time we got to Troon. We made our way back to Gordon and Margarets house and stayed there, sitting and talking out in the sun. Gordon and Margaret took us all out to dinner at the Fairburn in Mauchline. We had a wonderful dinner, thank you! It was a great day, thanks Gordon.

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Shopping with Aunt Margaret

overcast 66 °F

This morning I went over to Margarets and we headed out for a day of shopping. Margaret said I could drive and she would tell me where to go. It's really nice when your relatives trust you enough to let you drive. Most of my relatives are ok with that over here, most. We went to Alloway and then to Ayr. We walked around for awhile and then got something to eat. We did better with lunch today than Sunday. I got a few gifts for people and we headed back to Margarets. I sat around there for awhile with Margaret and my niece and then headed back to Cumnock. Thanks Aunt Margaret I had a good day. I had dinner with John and Betty and then I set out to visit one of Iain's Aunts and Uncles. They live about 1/2 hour away from Cumnock. I visited with them for about two hours and it was really nice to see them. John and Aunt Margaret had told me how to find their house and it was quite easy. However, when I got there I told them I would need to leave while it was still light out, so I would not be driving around fields and farms all night. I did make it back to Cumnock.

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