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Cruise on the Mediterranean

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This morning we left the bed and breakfast with a big thank you to Rudolpho for all his help. We got to see a side of a Venice that we probably would not have seen if he hadn't given us the information. We took a vaporetto to piazzale Roma and then took the people mover to the port. We boarded the Norwegian Star at 12:00pm. I am doing a cruise to Croatia and Greece. We got situated into our rooms. The Borthwicks are three rooms away from us. We are located on Deck 10 mid ship with an outside stateroom. Our room is gorgeous with a balcony. We had lunch and then we found lounge chairs outside with a spot to watch us exit the Port and city of Venice. It was a beautiful experience as the sun was setting. For those of you that always tell me I don't know how to relax, I took a picture of my legs and feet on a lounge chair. I was relaxing. I took lots of pictures while we passed through the Canale Della Giudecca and then the Canale Di San Marco. We had dinner at the Aqua Restaurant and then went to listen to a guy sing at a bar called "Its 5 O' Clock Somewhere". We all feel very lucky to be here!

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Shopping and Sightseeing in Venice

8 miles of walking

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This morning we had breakfast at the apartment and headed out. Iain and Gordon decided they were going to walk around Venice, but Maureen and I were going to visit the stores and do a little shopping. We planned to meet up for lunch at 1:00pm. It is fun to shop, but when you have someone who likes to do it as much as you, that makes it even better. On Friday night when we were walking around we had found a purse store. I had asked them for the address so we could come back the next day. If you have been to Venice then you know its easy to get lost and not be able to find stores or for that matter anything. We began walking and all of a sudden Maureen says" here is the store" we were estacic and proud of ourselves. Maureen bought a purse and it is beautiful. We walked around until 1:00 and then went and met Gordon and Iain at a restaurant along the water by the San Marco Piazza. We had a great lunch. They had walked for miles on the route that the man who owns our bed and breakfast had told them to do. After lunch the four of us took off and followed some of the route they did and then we went all the way around from San Marco Piazza to Academia. We then followed the Itinerario Breve. It was a long way around but it was beautiful. We were in at least 10 churches along the way. We took lots of pictures. We walked around back to where we were staying. Iain found an Oldtime Italian restaurant to have dinner. There was a man playing the accordion, as you can see in the picture. We stopped for a drink at a place that was terrible. They tried to make Bloody Mary's with fresh tomatoes. We got back to the apartment, tired from walking 8 miles around Venice.

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Train from Nice to Venice

Meeting up with your crazy friends!

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This morning Iain and I left the apartment in Nice and headed to Nice Riquier Train stop. We took the train from Nice Riquier to Nice Ville and boarded the first train for Milan. The train ride was beautiful, going along the French and Italian Riviera. We traveled through many tunnels and we also saw many small towns. If you have ever taken a train along any coastline, it is beautiful, but this one is gorgeous. We started going North, once we go to Genova. In Milan we caught the train to Venice. I have been to Venice once before on my first trip to Europe. Iain has never been, so I am glad he gets to see it. Venice is one of those places where if you get the chance to see it once in your lifetime you should. When we got off the train, we took the Vaporetto through Venice to the stop where our bed and breakfast was located. We walked from there to our bed and breakfast. We did not get lost, which is amazing. The owner of the bed and breakfast was really nice and he showed us around and then told us all the great places to go on the map. He actually gave us a route to follow when we were walking around. I later found out after asking him, that this was the house he grew up in and it used to be his grandfathers house. It was right on the canal, in a beautiful area. You could see the canal from the breakfast room, they also had a veranda that you could use. My friend Maureen found the bed and breakfast, so thank you Maureen, it was great. We were there about a half an hour and then the Borthwicks arrived. I opened the window and yelled Bonjourno to them. For many of you who are reading this and don't know who the Borthwicks are, they are Iains good friends from Scotland. Iain was 5 years old when he met Gordon, although Gordon is older than Iain. Much older! I have known them for 34 years. During that time we have had many great adventures, so I know this time we spend together will be fantastic. We left the apartment and started walking around Venice. Gordon was really interested in stopping at many of the stores, so that took awhile. We stopped by for a drink at the Rialto Bridge and continued walking around. It was a bit cold, so that is why Gordon is wearing a scarf and blanket at the bar we were in. We found an Italian Restaurant (of course) for dinner and had a great time. After dinner we continued walking around. We stopped for a drink on the way back to the apartment. Venice is beautiful. I know I took too many pictures as usual but its hard not to resist. If you are wondering what is taking me so long to keep up with the blog, I'm too busy seeing all the sights. A great first night in Venice!

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Packing for Venice

Getting a pedicure Shopping on Jean Medecin

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This morning we stayed at the apartment and did laundry to get ready for our trip tomorrow. I took some of the clothes to the laundromat to dry them. Iain went out and got us croissants for lunch. We began to pack our things and clean up the apartment a little. We left around 2:00 and walked around the neighborhood to look for a nail salon. I found one a couple of streets over. It was owned by a Chinese lady and she was very nice. She did not know too much English, but she knew more English than I know French, so we worked it out. There were three Chinese ladies in the salon and I was the only customer. They are all learning English, so they all wanted to talk to me. I told them I was a teacher in San Francisco and that I taught at a school that had mostly Chinese students. I told them it was weird for me to see Chinese people speaking French. They laughed about that. One of the ladies told me she was born in China, but came here three years ago, and that is when they started the salon. They were so nice and I got a great pedicure. It would definitely be my place to go if I lived here, they were just so friendly. The salon looked brand new and it was very clean. Iain met me there and we walked into town. We then separated. I wanted to go to some stores and Iain just wanted to walk around. I took the tram from Garibaldi to Jean Medecin. Then I just walked all along Jean Medecin.Nice has so many of the same stores that we have, only everything here is so much more expensive. I spent about two hours doing that and then headed back to meet Iain at Garibaldi. He had walked up to the Castle on the hill. We then walked back to the apartment and started packing. Iain went out and got us some salad, bread and brie for dinner. We have to catch the train to Milan tomorrow at 8:00am, so we are going to need to leave here early. I had a relaxing day today and it was nice, because my knees were sore from the hike to the Citadel.

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Train Des Pignes and Entrevaux

You need to see Entrevaux Train links the French Riviera to the Alpes-de-Haute- Provence

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This morning we left the apartment at 8:00am. We walked to Place Garibaldi and took the tram to Liberation. Iain and I now have the public transport system in Nice down. It is a great system. We bought croissants and bananas and headed for the train station. We got tickets and boarded this really nice train and headed out. The journey is 151 km through beautiful landscapes. We saw so many villages, bridges, snow on mountain caps and the train follows the river Var. We went all the way up to Digne, which is the last stop. It took us about three hours to get there from Nice. We walked into the town and got some sandwiches. We did not have alot of time here because we wanted to get the train back to this town called Entrevaux. There are only four trains a day that do this trip from Nice, so you really have to time it. We took a couple of pictures. There is this beautiful church in Digne way up on a hill, it looks unreal. We did not get a chance to see it. We got back on the train and headed back down toward Entrevaux. I had read about this city and we had seen it from the train on the way up. There is a Citadel that is way up on the hill above the village. You can easily walk from the train station to the village. The village is very beautiful and absolutely stunning. Many of the original buildings are still there. They had drawbridges to get inside. The river Var runs along the village. It is very close to Italy. We walked through the Royal Gate and made our way into the town. We went to the Chapel and it was beautiful.There were all these local kids playing hide and seek and I was wondering if they ever find each other. I would get lost just looking for someone. I took pictures of the streets and one of my pictures, got picked as a featured photo on travellerspoint. The most famous part of the town is the Citadel that overlooks the town. It is way up on the hill, the map says it can be enjoyed by those who brave the 800m path that leads to the fortress. You can see from my pictures that it is a steep climb. I was torn on whether or not to do it. My knees are really bothering me, but I decided yes. It sure seemed like more than 800m. Iain went slow and waited for me. In some parts there were stairs and in other parts just a rock path. When you got to a corner, you were wishing it was the last time you would turn to go up another long path, but there was another long path waiting. All along the path were these very small windows they had built, some to hold weapons. On the far east side they could see all the way to Italy.
WE FINALLY GOT TO THE TOP, hence my celebration picture. It was very windy up there. You would not believe how big the fortress was. There were jail cells, officers quarters, a chapel,and tunnels that led to different rooms. The views from the Citadel looking down on the village were amazing. You could also see for miles. We took a couple of selfies, but I was afraid my cell phone was going to blow off the Citadel in the wind. You just have to wonder how these people survived living in these places back then. The roofs of all the village houses are the same and it looked really nice from way up. We eventually started to make our way down, and it began raining. We went into one of the two restaurants that were open and had a glass of wine. Then from there we went to the other one and had a cup of tea. It was cold now and we had to wait for the last train to come. We also got one of the old trains to go back to Nice. It was cold on the train. Iain had shorts on. We got back into Nice at 9:00pm. We had walked another 8 miles today. We walked from that station to the tram at Liberation and took it to Garibaldi. We then walked to a restaurant our friends told us to go to. It was called Chez Fabien and it was delicious. I barely made it walking back to the apartment, my whole body was sore. We had a great day and Entrevaux was one of the prettiest towns I have ever seen. Just another day on the French Riviera.

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