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Day of Relaxing on the ship

sunny 65 °F

Today was the only day on the cruise where we did not have a stop at a port. It was very relaxing to wake up late and take it easy. We had taken two tours the previous two days so we were glad to get some down time. Iain went to the gym in the morning and I went up on the deck and wrote my blog for an hour. Then I helped these two elderly women get on the internet with their iPads. That was quite an experience. They were two sisters and they were really funny. I then went and sat out on a lounge chair for a couple of hours and read a book. I met Gordon and Maureen for a late lunch. Then we all went and sat up on the pool deck. I went and stuck my feet in the pool for awhile and played one game of ping pong with some guy. At 5:00, I went and listened to these two women playing violin and cello in one of the bars. They were wonderful. We then went to see the cruise show of the Four Sea Sons. They sang songs from Jersey Boys and other songs as well. They were really good and got a standing ovation at the end. Then we went to dinner at Versailles Restaurant. After dinner we went to Gatsby's to listen to music. We had a nice relaxing day, our only one on the ship. I might have gotten some of the details wrong, but my tour guide will correct me. It's hard to remember what you did two days ago. I always seem to be trying to catch up with this blog.

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The Temple of Poseidon and the Acropolis

sunny 75 °F

We have had the best weather on this trip. Today it is 75 degrees out in Greece and it is hot. We are on another shore excursion today. We left the ship at 8:00am on a bus and drove to the south-east tip of Attica. We walked up a hill to the sites of Poseidon and saw the ruins of two temples that were dedicated to Athena. It was beautiful and its amazing how much is left of the Temple of Poseidon. We took a lot of pictures. We then drove back to Athens and tried to drive up to the Acropolis. It was too crowded so we got off the bus and walked to the restaurant that the tour had scheduled for us to have lunch. We had a Greek lunch and it was fun. The space was tight, because there are so many people that they try to get into these restaurants. We were going to go to the Acropolis first but they had closed the gates too many people. After lunch we walked with our guide up to the Acropolis. She was from Greece and very knowledgeable on everything. The Acropolis was amazing. There is so much work being done on it, so its hard to take pictures without getting some piece of modern machinery in on them, but I did my best. The Amphitheater was beautiful and many famous people including Pavarotti and Placido Domingo have sang there. We continued up the hill to see all the other monuments and then of course the views from the Acropolis down on Athens are spectatcular. We could see the Temple of Zeus and the Olympic Stadium. We left there and drove through parts of Athens to see the city. It was a wonderful tour and the last two days of seeing these sights have really made me realize how long ago the history from these places exists. In my pictures, I have tried to include some of the information for the artifacts or monuments I have taken. I don't have time to write them all, but it has been fascinating for me to learn all about these cultures and how they came to be, but also how they were sometimes destroyed. Our guide in Olympia, said something which we all know that is all comes back to religion. Of course even today countries are still fighting for their land and what they believe should be theirs. It was the same way back when in Greece. The sad part is that they destroyed the most beautiful artifacts and buildings in the processs. We got back to the ship a little late, although there were two more busses after us. We had dinner in Aqua, a nice restaurant and then Iain, Gordon and Maureen went to see one of the shows with acrobats. I stayed in the bar and watched Manchester City play Manchester United. They came and got me and we went to listen to Dave again. We were all tired tonight, going on two tours two days in a row. I am so thankful I got to see all the history in Greece and Croatia. It has been wonderful. As soon as I put my pictures on you will see the three characters that are in many of pictures. The characters are what makes this trip for me so great!

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Olympia - The Birthplace of the Olympics/ My Birthday


sunny 70 °F

Today is my birthday and it was a wonderful day. I have never spent my birthday in another country. We got up this morning early and left on a tour for Olympia at 8:00am. In the morning Gordon and Maureen gave me a beautiful frame that had a picture of Maureen and I when we were in Iceland. Thanks both of you, I love it. My mom had gotten me a beautiful ring in Paris, so I wore it for the first time today. Thanks Mom. And yes my children did remember and they both texted me. I love both of you also and thanks for remembering. I also got your birthday messages Leslie and Billy. To all my friends who sent me texts and emails thank you, I got them all even if I didn't respond yet. We took about a 40 minute bus ride to Olympia and then started our guided tour. Our tour guide was really into it, which I love. He took us all around the ancient sites and showed us all the buildings and in some cases pieces that still exist. He had a book with him, so he would also show us what the building looked like before and it was wonderful to try and imagine it. In many cases 1/3 or 1/4 of the buildings were still standing. We saw the Temple of Hera, Prytaneion, and Philippeion. He explained how the history of the Olympics began and how women wanted to be a part of it from the start. They were not allowed, but at least we know back then they were trying. We walked through the gate of the famous stadium and although not much of it still exists, the marble starting lines are still there. We all put our feet on them and soon I will have the pictures up. I jogged down part of it with Gordon and back and then Iain and Gordon jogged all the way to the end and back. We were the only ones at that end of the stadium and it was a great feeling. You could imagine all these athletes here so many years ago, that started the Olympics. We left there and went to the Museum and walked around. We only had a short time, but I tried to take as many pictures as I could. These were all the artifacts that they excavated from the site. We took the bus back to the port and went to a cafe and got a drink and a sandwich as we sat along the water. It was beautiful. We asked someone to take a picture of the four of us. We boarded the ship at 5:00 and headed toward Athens. We spent my birthday dinner at one of the Specialty Italian Restaurants and it was wonderful. Iain gave me a silver pendant with a Roman Column on it and I love it. I still need to look it up to see what time period it is from. Thank you Iain! After dinner we went and sat in a bar and listened to music. I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday, thanks to Iain, Maureen and Gordon. I will remember this birthday for a long time.

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Kotor, Montenegro

sunny 59 °F

This morning we left the ship at 8:30 and walked into Kotor. We decided to do the hop on hop off tour because it included a walking tour of the old town. We took the bus tour first and it took us through a few of the towns around Kotor. It was a bit chilly on the open top bus, especially for Gordon who did not have a jacket. We went through Risan, Perast, and Bajova Kyla. In the town of Risan we went to this excavation site where they had discovered a Roman Villa. The time the Villa was built was around the 3rd Centrury. The Villa was originally the size of a a football field, but now only a small part has been excavated. There are houses built upon the rest of it. The floors as you can see from my pictures are all mosaic and among them is one dedicated to the Roman god Hypos, being the only mosaic representing the Roman God of sleep in the world. They were beautiful and you would not believe how small the stones were that made up the mosaics. We then took the bus back into the old town and did a walking tour of the old town. We saw Churches, clock towers, and palaces. We walked along the port side of the wall. It was a really pretty small walled city. We got back onto the boat and had lunch in a restaurant on the 7th level. We had a window seat and we ate lunch as we pulled out of Kotor and Montenegro. It was beautiful! We sat out by the pool for awhile and talked and enjoyed the sun. We had dinner in one of the nice restaurants tonight. After dinner we went to the piano bar and again listened to Dave playing the piano. Another great day on our cruise. I am sorry I am not able to load the pictures on yet. The internet on the cruise is not good and it takes forever to download them all. I am working on it.

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sunny 72 °F

This morning we left the ship and took a shuttle into the old city of Dubrovik. We walked through the old town with beautiful streets made of polished stone. We visited churches and historic places of interest before finding a quiet place to eat lunch. I thought the town was unreal. In the afternoon, we walked all the way around the wall. Iain had told us it was going to be $2.10 to walk it, but when we got up to the ticket office it was $21.00 each. WE were all laughing about that. The walk around was not easy in some places for my knees, but we were all glad we did it. The views were beautiful, looking out onto the Adriatic Sea. The walled city was spectacular. We left around 6:30pm and took the shuttle back to the cruise ship. We had dinner at the Versailles Retaurant and it was delicious. We then went and listened to a guy in a piano bar. We were all very tired, we had walked 9 miles. Dubrovnik is a beautiful place, one of the nicest walled cities I have seen. I would definitely tell people who have never seen it to come here.

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