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Bus from Ljubljana to Venice

Another wonderful night in Venice

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This morning we got up and headed to an Apple Store that Iain had found a couple of days ago. I wanted to see if they had a way I could load all my pictures onto a hard drive. They did not have anything and the guy told me to put them in Dropbox. I'm working on that. We then went back and got our cases and headed for the bus terminal in Ljubljana. There is a train station, but the trains don't go to Venice. We waited over an hour for this bus called the Flixbus Company. YUCK! Finally they arrived and we started our 3 1/2 hour journey to Venice. We decided to go there and then the next day take the train back to Nice. The bus had wifi, but it didnt work very well. My experience with wifi over here has not been good. If I wasn't doing the blog, it would not bother me as much. The bus trip was nice and the scenery was great. We booked a hotel in Venice Mestre for the night. It was right across from the train station. It was a great hotel and we got there around 5:00pm. We were tired today from our big excursion yesterday, but we decided to take the train back into Santa Lucia. How many times are we going to get the chance to walk around again in this great city. Yes, Maureen I did see some more purses. We walked through the Jewish old town part of VeniceWe walked to Campo Di Ghetto Nuovo. We walked around for a long time. We saw a memorial that had been built for all those Jewish people who had been imprisioned and killed in Venice during the war. We eventually found a place for dinner and ended up in a wonderful restaurant right on the canal. It is called Trattoria Povoledo. We could see all the boats and gondolas go by. It was beautiful. After dinner we walked back to the train station and back to the hotel. That would be our last night in Venice for this trip. I know there are many people who say they don't like Venice it's too crowded and it smells. It is crowded, I never noticed any bad smells and I think it is a beautiful city. I love it! I hope to be back someday.

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Alpine Fairytale-Lake Bled-Lake Bohinj,Vintar Gorge,

Running into one of our friends on a 20 person boat that takes you to Lake Bled. How is that possible?

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Today was a great day for so many reasons. We decided to do a tour of the areas around Ljubljana. We got picked up in a van by a tour guide named Andrej. The tour company was called Roundabout and we booked in at the tourist center in the main square of Ljubljana. Andrej was a 25 year old student, doing tours to make some money when he wasn't in school. You might meet him someday if you live in San Francisco. He was so wonderful and after spending 12 hours with him, I invited him to come and see our beautiful city. He was a walking encyclopedia on Slovenia. During the 12 hour tour, he gave us the history, religion, cultural and geographic information on Slovenia. He was proud of his country and it was great to see and hear it. We only had three other people on the tour with us. Our first stop was a medieval town called Skofja Lola about 15 minutes outside Ljubljana. It is one of Slovenia's oldest towns. It was a holiday so all the stores and restaurants were closed. It was like a ghost town, so it was nice to see it so quiet. We then headed for Lake Bled. We went to the castle first and walked all around. We took some great pictures of the Lake and the famous Island that is on the lake. We saw a man using an old printing press, and watched him using it. We went to a museum where they had the circle of life separated into the months of the year. It was very interesting listening to him explain it. We then drove down to Lake Bled. Andrej was deciding on whether we would take the boat to the Island now or later. We decided to do it next, because the weather was great. We got on to these beautiful hand made flat bottom lake boats, specifically made for the lake. The oarsman stood at the back of the boat. The five of us got on and they told us we would have to wait for another group that was coming. We waited 10 minutes and then the other group came. Iain and I were in the front of the boat. All of a sudden Iain says to me "I think that is Araya". I immediately said oh Iain please don't say anything that can't possibly be her. Iain thinks he always knows someone and it never turns out that way. I tried to look at her, she was in the back of the boat and on the same side as me, so it was hard to see her. I kept telling the other couple with us, that Iain always make up stuff. However when I kept looking at her, I also stared to think it was her. Iain and I had to get off the boat first and as I passed this lady, I looked at her and all of a sudden she yelled out "DANIELLE". It was Araya, she was laughing and we were hugging each other and the whole boat was clapping. Yes IAIN was right. I had to eat my words. We all got off the boat and talked with her. She used to work with Iain in San Francisco and she lived a couple of blocks away from us. She currently lives in Bangkok. We could not believe it. What are the chances of being on the same little boat as her. We took some pictures together and then started to walk up the stairs to the top of the Island. Iain and I climbed up the 90 stairs to the clock tower which has a pendulum clock. It was pretty cool. We then walked into the Church of the Mother of God on the Lake. Inside this church up by the alter they have this rope, that is connected to a bell. You can make a wish and ring the bell. As you can see from the picture, I did make a wish. We left the island in the same boat with Araya and headed back to shore. Lake Bled is as beautiful people say it is. We said goodbye to Araya, who is going to be back in San Francisco in October. We headed for Triglav National Park. Andrej took us to this beautiful area at the park that has bridges and a river. The water was crystal clear and he told us you can drink the water here. My pictures might look really green, but that is what it looked like. He then drove us to Lake Bohinj, the largest glacier lake in Slovenia. We walked up to this beautiful church and took some pictures of it. We then left and and drove to Vintgar Gorge. Only three of us from the group decided to do the walk through the gorge. Andrej dropped us off at one end and picked us up on the other. The Radovna River cuts through the gorge and it is breathtaking. They built a secured trail through the gorge and in 1893 opened it up to the public. As you are walking though it, you see waterfalls and rapids. We drove back to Ljubljana thinking how did we see that all in one day. I think we had one terrific tour guide. He dropped us off at our hotel and I told him he has a place to stay in San Francisco. Iain and I then too tired to go anywhere for dinner ate at the hotel bar. It was really a wonderful day!

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Ljubljana is wonderful! You have to go visit!

Ljubljana Castle and St. Nicholas Church

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This morning we got up and decided to try and do some laundry. We found a place called Hotel Emorec, right off the main square, but they didn't open their laundry service until 3:00. We would be back. We decided to go to the castle. We walked around through the market first and walked into this church called church of St. Nicholas. Iain and I both looked at each other right when we walked in. It was one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. The pictures don't do it justice. The pulpits on each side were gold. The ceiling was unreal. We headed for the funicular to get to the castle. We decided to take it, instead of walking. We did the English Audio tour of the castle. It is our first time to Slovenia and its good to get the history of the place. We walked all around, looked at the prison, solitary confinement cells. It was very harsh back then, the prison was in the open air, so depending on the weather it was not a good place to be. I went to the puppet museum, mostly for my mother. Mom, all the puppet pictures are for you. If you didn't know this already when we were all young, my mom did puppet shows for birthdays and libraries. She was very popular. Hazel Jazel was her name. One time when one of my roommates from college came home with me, she opened our oven in Danville. We were going to cook something . She was greeted by a rack of paper mache heads. I can remember how hard she was laughing. She never came back over. Just teasing. We walked up to the viewing tower where you could see all of Ljubljana. It is a beautiful city. We took so many pictures. We had lunch up at the castle. We sat outside, the weather was great. After the castle we walked back into the town, got our laundry and headed back to Hotel Emorec. Iain walked around for awhile while I did the laundry. We then went out to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant. There was way too much food served for one person, We both left half of it on our plates. We had a great day!

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Ship, People Mover, Walking, Train and Bus

On our way to Slovenia

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This morning we left the ship at 9:00 am. We took the people mover back into Venice with Gordon and Maureen and said goodbye to them. We had a wonderful trip. I will see them in a few weeks. We walked to the train station and boarded a train for Trieste, Italy. The train ride was really nice, especially when we got back to the coast. We saw castles and beautiful coastal scenery. When we got to Trieste we had to quickly find the bus station and get on. We only had 10 minutes to catch the bus to Ljubljana, Slovenia. We made it, otherwise we would have waited until 7:00pm. We left Italy and within what seemed 20 minutes entered Slovenia. Some of you might be asking why did we pick Slovenia. We decided to go somewhere neither of us has ever been. We only have about 5 days and then we are going back to explore Nice some more. The bus trip up through the mountains to Slovenia was beautiful. There are all these small towns with beautiful churches that you can see from the road. When we got off the bus in Ljubljana, we were actually at the train station. We sat and got something to eat, went on wifi and found a great place to stay right in the middle of town. We walked to the hotel from the train station. The hotel is the Grand Hotel Union and it is very nice. Within 1/2 block you are in the main square of Ljubljana. We left our stuff and took a walk all around the town. It was warm when we first arrived ,but by 5:00pm it had turned cold. It is a beautiful town, also the capital of Slovenia. There is a castle way up on the hill, that overlooks the town. There is one big main square and three bridges that connect it to the other side of the river. All up and down the river are cafes, stores and restaurants. The town has beautiful churches and we took some pictures of some of them. We also walked through a Sunday market that was just closing down. We sat and had a drink in one of the pubs and then we walked to the other side of the river and had dinner. Iain wanted to try Slovenian food, so we found a restaurant that had pictures of all their menu items. I found something I liked and we sat down. They gave us this menu book again and I looked through it. They had rooster meat and another item was backstrap of a deer. I'm not sure what backstrap of a deer is, and I know I could google it, but I actually never want to know what it is. I had mushroom soup and pasta with mushrooms. The mushroom soup was delicious and so was the pasta. We left the restaurant and walked around for awhile, taking some pictures. I am very behind on the blog with all my pictures and trying to catch up. The internet is just so slow over here to download. In some places it takes 4 minutes to load one picture. We had a great first day in Slovenia!

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Split, Croatia and meeting up with Iain's Cousin's

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Today we docked in Split, Croatia at 8:00am. We were off the ship and walking around the town by 9:30am. We walked in from the port which was a 15 minute walk. We walked through part of a market and then into the old town through the east gate. We went and saw the Diocletian's Palace. We went into the beautiful cathedral at the palace. We then went into the Crypt, which was the oldest part of the church. We then went to the John the Baptist Monument. Two kings of Croatia were buried there. One was from 1090AD and 10AD. Yes that is really old. We walked through some more of the old town. The ground was polished limestone and it was really nice and clean. We stopped for a tea and coffee and ended up having lunch at the restaurant. Gordon needed my pink glasses to read the menu, hence the picture of him. We then started walking back through the fish market and on to the Trg Repubike. We walked along the Obala Hrvatskog Narodnog Preporoda, which is the front. It is a really nice promenade with all these restaurants along the water. We walked to the train station where we met up with Iain's cousin Janice and her husband Eugene. They live in Australia and they just happened to be in Split the same day. They were waiting for us and it was great for me to finally meet Janice. I have known Iain for 34 years and have met most of his cousins, but not Janice. If you recall earlier in my first semester I met up with Iains cousin Joe, well Janice is his sister. Iain had never met Eugene, so it was wonderful for all of us to be together even if it was for only a short time. We went and sat along the Riva at a restaurant and had a drink, Janice and Eugene had lunch. We all talked for a long time and it was fun catching up. We all walked back into the old town up to the Gold Gate and then we walked through the main square where Janice and Eugene were staying. We then walked down to the front through the cellars of the Palace. They walked us back to our ship and we said goodbye. It was great meeting both of you. Eugene you seem like one of the nicest guys in the world, very easy to talk too. Janice I am so glad you and Iain got to catch up. They are going to be doing a boat cruise through the Islands of Croatia. We went to the uppermost deck of the ship and watched as we pulled out of Split and headed back to Venice. We met some people from South Carolina and Virginia and talked to them for awhile. We then got ready to see the finale show of the cruise. After that we went for dinner at Versailles. We then went back to our cabins to pack our suitcases. We had to put them out by midnight. Thank you Gordon and Maureen for bringing back some of my stuff to Scotland. We had a wonderful time with both of you in Venice and on the cruise. They were great times and I will remember them forever. We love both of you. WE look forward to fun times in the future.

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