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Cours Saleya

La Cambuse Restaurant for Lunch

sunny 67 °F

Today was another beautiful day in Nice. Upon the advice from a friend, Iain and I took the tram to Opera and walked around Cours Saleya. On Mondays they have a huge antique market. Kyle you would have loved it. I went past every booth, just to make sure I didn't miss anything. They had just about everything. There was a lot of silver. Most of it was beautiful, and if I didn't have to carry it, I would have loved to have bought some. Iain and I separated for awhile, I think I was going too slow for him. There was just so much stuff, I can't believe these people lug it in every Monday and then lug it back out. Some pieces are really big and heavy, especially the furniture. We had lunch at La Cambuse, a restaurant that is just opposite all the booths on Cours Saleya. Iain had ravioli and said it was the best ravioli he has ever had. After lunch we continued looking at the Antiques and then walked up through the old town to the apartment. We went back out in the evening, down to the port. We watched a soccer game at the Irish pub. We walked all the way down to the end of the port and looked at all the beautiful ships. We eventually walked back to the apartment.

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sunny 68 °F

Today Iain and I left the apartment and walked to the port. At the port we caught the bus to Villefranche. It is a small resort town just east of Nice. It only costs 1.50 euros to get there one way. Not bad. We got off and walked all through the old town part. There are lots of beautiful stores on all the little streets. We went into a really pretty church that is in the old town. We then walked out to the marina around the wall of the citadel. There were a couple of cruise ships in the bay and the people were being shuttled back and forth to the ships. We took some pictures and then walked up to the citadel. We walked around in the Citadel which houses their Hotel De Ville. It was very nice up there and you could get a nice view of the Port Royal de la Darse. We then walked all the way around the marina until we got to some restaurants that were at Quia de l'Amiral Courbet right on the water. We had an early dinner (for French time) and it was beautiful. We walked back up through the town and caught the bus back to Nice. When we got back to the apartment we watched the news. It was French Presidential Election Day. They vote on a Sunday which is very interesting. It gives people that are working a chance to vote. It was quite a controversial election and they elected a 39 year old President. We had another really nice day!

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A lazy day in Nice

Erica's team from UC Davis wins D1 National Women's Rugby Championship!!!

rain 65 °F

Today it was pouring in Nice. Iain went out for a walk around 11:00am and came back soaked at 2:00pm. I stayed here, did some laundry, worked on my blog and read my book. I am still working on putting titles on all the pictures. It is taking me forever. We left the apartment around 6:00pm and walked into the old town. By the time we left the apartment, the sun was shining and it was not cold at all. Iain had been watching a soccer game earlier in the day at a pub and he said they were going to have live music tonight. We went to Wayne's pub. We had dinner there and then listened to music for a few hours. It was great. The pub was full of people from many different countries. The music was all from the 60's and 70's. I loved it. I was also trying to follow on my phone Erica (Connor's girlfriend) who was playing in the National Rugby College D1 Championship Game. Eventually when I got back to the apartment I found out they won. Congratulations Erica! When the band finished playing, we stayed for awhile and listened to another band and then walked back to the apartment. It is great how close our apartment is to the old town. I love the old town part of Nice, the streets are beautiful with all their little stores, cafes and restaurants. We had a nice relaxing day today.

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Ventimiglia Market and Old Town

I bought a jacket for 5 Euros!

sunny 66 °F

This morning, we got up and took the train into Ventimiglia. Friday is market day there and my friend Maryann says its not to be missed. Oh how right she was. We got there by 9:30am and started walking around. After about an hour of looking at everything under the sun, I told Iain he should go walk around and do something else. We planned on meeting at 1:00 in front of a restaurant. He was fine with that. I walked the entire market and it had lots of stalls. You could basically buy anything you needed. They had tons of clothes, shoes, scarfs, purses, electronics, perfume, cheese, meats and household items. Some of it was so cheap, it was nice to see. Although there were lots of tourists there, the locals also shopped there. It was a place a family could buy some clothes without spending too much money. I wish everywhere had that. About 1/2 hour before I was going to meet Iain, I saw him at a stall buying something. I got a jacket for 5 Euros. Iain's mom and dad gave me birthday money, so I used some of that to get the jacket. Gary let your mom and dad know that I got a good bargain with some of my birthday money. I also bought a nice carry on duffle type bag. I think I might bring a few extra things home. Iain and I then had lunch along the front overlooking the water. It was very nice. We walked from there up to the old town of Ventimiglia. It was very pretty and not touristy at all. We went into three churches, all of them being very old. One of them was a Roman church dating back to the 10th century. We sat and had a tea and coffee at the top of the town. We then walked all the way back to the train station. We went back to the apartment. My goal tonight is to catch up on all the blogs. The apartment has great internet. Iain went out to the supermarket and got bread, cheese, melon, salami, tomatoes and wine. We had a really nice dinner while I worked on the blog. If I lived here and didn't work on Fridays, I would be at that market looking at all that stuff. Leslie you would have loved it. Maureen you would have loved the purses. We walked 7 1/2 miles today around Ventimiglia.

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A long trip "Home"

Problems on the train

overcast 68 °F

This morning we had a late breakfast and left our hotel at 11:30 to catch our 12:00 train to Milan. Our first train ride was late due to a technical difficulty with the train in front of us. We had already done this trip on our way to Venice, but the scenery is still beautiful. We got to Milan and changed trains to get to Nice. As we were going through Italy nearing Ventigimila, I got an uneasy feeling as I watched all these guys wandering around the train. I have been on dozens of trains this trip and this was the first time, I felt like something was going to happen. We had three nice Italian guys sitting across from us. One was the dad and I think his two sons. The train stopped in Ventimiglia for an 1 1 /2 hours. I asked them what was going on. They said there was some problem on the train. I mentioned all of this to Iain, but he didnt seem too worried about any of it. The train started up again and headed for the next station in France. When we stopped there, we all of a sudden saw a dozen police officers get on the train. They pulled off a guy who was sitting two seats behind me. They took about 8 guys off the train. As we were pulling away, they had them all in custody. I felt very lucky that the French and Italian Police had it together. We never really found out what happened and I'm not sure I want to know. We arrived back into Nice at 10:00pm. We then took the train back to Nice Riquier and walked back to the apartment where we are staying. It's good to be "Home".

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