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Getting My Hair Done Again

sunny 76 °F

This moring I worked on my blog and then headed out. Today is it warm here, but cloudy. I wandered down to Garibaldi and then took the tram to Jean Medicen. I got off there and walked around for awhile, then I walked into Galeries Lafayette and spent an hour walking around there. It is a beautiful department store that is also in Paris. Then I got on the tram took it back to Garibaldi and went into some discount places that are around there. I walked back to the apartment and went into a salon that I had seen many times walking by it. I asked a lady if she knew any English, she said no. I pointed to the sign because I could see cut, color. She said yes, then I got onto google translate to see if she could understand what I wanted her to do. I didn't have my mom with me this time to translate, however google translate worked. She spoke into it to ask me questions, and I answered back into it. We were both laughing. She was very sweet and I no longer have any gray in my hair. I went back to the apartment for awhile and then went back out to this take out place to get something to eat. I got this delicious cobb salad. Another great day in Nice.

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83 Degrees in Nice! Massena Museum and Palais Lascaris

sunny 83 °F

Today I decided I would get a 10 euro pass and go to two museums. I had looked them up online and decided to go to one Villa and one Palace. I left the apartment about 10:00am and walked down to the Garibaldi tram. I took it to Place Massena and then walked out onto the Esplanade. There were already tons of people walking around. I walked on the hotel side until I got to the Massena Museum. It is right on the Esplanade. It is one of the last prestigious houses along the Promenade des Anglais. It was built in 1898. As you can see from the pictures it is beautiful and so are the gardens around it. If you buy a ticket for 10 euros, you can go to as many museums as you want in one day. A 7 day ticket is 20 euros. That's a pretty good deal. The house originally belonged to Victor Massena who was the grandson of Andre Massena. Andre Massena was a famous general for Napoleon. Place Massena was named after Andre Massena. The house was beautiful inside. The rooms were enormous and the decorations were stunning. The ceilings were also very pretty. I toured the first two floors, that is as far as you can go. There were beautiful murals of the family when they would be sitting on their porch and verandas. There were also all these old pictures of Nice that they have put in the museum. It was fun to look at all of them, especially since the day before I had wondered what Chateau Nice looked like. They had a picture of it and it was beautiful back then. I walked all around taking pictures of everything. The furniture was also very nice. Napoleon's death mask, and Josephine's diadem (headband) were two of the articles in the museum. It was just fastcinating to think that this house was one family's house. They could walk right out onto the beach and it had pictures of them doing that. I really enjoyed just seeing the villa and all the rooms. I left the museum and walked down Rue Massena to the Palace of Justice, then I followed the signed for Palais Lascaris. Iain and I had passed it before when we were walking. We had gone into the lobby and just looked at it from there. I got sidetracked a bit when I saw a beautiful store. I walked in and bough a really cute crocheted shirt. Thanks John and Betty, that is my other birthday present from you. It was made it Italy and I will show it to you when I get back. I love it. Eventually I found the Palais Lascaris. If you were walking by on the street Rue Droit, you would not know that you just passed this huge palace. In fact there are many palaces in the old town, they are just hard to see. Many of them have been broken up into apartments. When you walk in you can immediately see how large it is. There is an outside open area that if you look up you can see the sky. The Palais had 6 floors, I was only allowed on three of them. The first floor is just an entry area, then you go up to the second floor. The walls are this orange color and there are statues and murals all around. I never knew this but the main floor of a Palais always had the highest ceilings, these were the grandeur rooms where the people entertained and spent most of their time. At least that is what the lady told me at the Palais. This palace was built in the middle of the XVIIth century. It was owned by the noble family of the Lascaris-Vintimille. The style is Baroque civil architecture of the County of Nice. There is a beautiful chapel that the family used for weddings and private services. In some of the rooms on the third floor are all these ancient musical instruments that have been donated and are part of the museum's collection. As you can see from the pictures, they are beautiful. There was a mini piano that sat on a table, I had never seen anything like that before. There were still three floors I never saw, they are closed to the public. It was beautiful and so many rooms. I am glad I got the chance to see it. I left there and walked around the old town for awhile. I went into lots of stores, but don't worry Iain, I did not buy much. I did get you a t shirt, so you can be happy about that. I eventually walked back to the apartment and did not watch the news.

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80 Degrees in Nice and Castle Hill

sunny 78 °F

This morning I knew it was going to be a great day. The weather was predicted to be 77, but it actually got to 80. I decided to do Castle Hill today. I was looking at the ten top things to do in Nice and it was number 1, so I figured I would go see it. I know Iain went up one day when I was shopping. I left the apartment and walked around the port to a small antique market that is right by the port. I looked around there for half and hour and continued my way around to the stairs of Castle Hill. There is an elevator, but I took the stairs. In front of me was a lady in high heels. If I had worn those type of shoes walking, I would have broken an ankle on my way up or down. Eventually I got passed her. I stopped at each level and took a picture. When I got to the top it was beautiful. You could see the entire promenade and most of Nice. I walked over to the port side of Nice and took some pictures. The port looks very nice from that view. I then walked around through the children's park and past the playing fields, I had no idea there was that much space up there. It is a beautiful place to bring your kids to play. There is also a parking lot, so you can drive and go up on the other side. I then got two waters at the cafe that is up at the top of the hill and drank a whole one immediately. I was thirsty. I walked around and up some more stairs to see the bottom of the waterfall, which is beautiful. Then I walked to another viewing area where you can see almost all of Nice. I then walked up to the top where the Chateau used to be. You can get a beautiful view from up there. It is the best place to see all angles of Nice. I then decided to be adventurous and go back down the way that said cemetary. I followed that road and stairs down and got to the cemetary. Then I walked to the right and continued down all these stairs. I could see the Port so I knew I would not get lost. I ended up on the this road that goes out to the road the port is on through these big gates. I passed a private club where lots of people were playing boules. It was on the hill under all these beautiful trees. I did not go in to look at it because it said private. I think the road was Rue Baree, but I am not sure. When you look at Castle Hill from the bottom you have no idea how big it is on top. The Chateau at one time must have been big and beautiful. They had so much ground up there to use. I think there was a way to walk back into the old town on the backside too, but I couldn't figure it out. Of course I could have gone down the stairs I came up and then walked through Cours Saleya to old town. I got back to the apartment rested for awhile and then walked down to Place Garibaldi and sat outside with a cold drink. I watched the world go by. I had a very nice waiter and he asked me what I was doing here. I said visiting. I told him I walked up to Castle Hill today and he told me he has never been up there. I told him to go, it was beautiful. I have said this before, we never go to the places closest to us. I walked back to the apartment via my favorite little grocery store where I now know the lady and man that work there. It is right on Rue Barla. I bought a few things and went back and listened to CNN. Then I wish I hadn't.

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Monday is Antique Market Day in Nice

Cours Saleya

sunny 74 °F

This morning I headed out of the apartment at 10:30. It was 74 degrees here today. I had a plan for the day. It was to spend the entire time at the antique market at Cours Saleya and then go to these bazaar markets that were near Place Garibaldi. That is exactly what I did. I walked down to Place Garibaldi and then took the tram to Opera. I got off there and walked to Cours Saleya. I spent four hours at the Antique Market and then another two hours walking around. It's a good thing I don't have that much room to bring items back, because if I did I saw so many things I would want. You can decorate your whole house just by going there. I bought a few small items, but nothing too expensive. I just love to look at all that stuff. I walked back to the apartment via a little grocery store where I bought some fruit and an avocado for dinner. I then worked on my blog. Nice relaxing day today, I was tired from the Italy trip. However I did walk 6.7 miles.

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Addio alla mia famiglia in Italia. RitornerĂ². Grazie!

Long Ride Home

overcast 72 °F

This morning I decided to leave on an earlier train. My Eurail pass has expired and it was cheaper for me to go earlier. I did get to use it to go from Nice to Pistoia and it only cost me 10 euros. On the way back it cost 45 euros. I had my breakfast at Rosita's. She came back from her walk and I was putting all the pictures on my blog. She sat with me and I showed them all to her. We used google translate to talk back and forth. I wish that I could have had conversations with her by just talking. I showed her my blog, including the map of all the places I have been. Clarisse, Alessio and Maria Giulia came over to say goodbye. Clarisse then drove me to the train station. Thank you so much to all of you. I really enjoyed my stay and when I was leaving Rosita hugged me and said "ritorno". I did not need to ask her what that meant, I knew. Yes I will return. It was hard saying goodbye to Clarisse. I told her that I think if we lived near each other we would be good friends. She has a great sense of humor and she is very sweet. I will remember my stay for a long time.

I boarded the train in Pistoia for Via Reggio thinking that it will be a long way back to Nice, little did I know. I again had to change 3 times. The train leaving Pistoia was late, so therefore I missed the train for Genova. I had to wait in Via Reggio for 1 1/2 hours. When I got to Genova, I had to wait 1 hour, then got the train to Ventimiglia. We had just left the stop in Ventimiglia about 5 minutes into the ride and the train stopped. I had met this young guy who was from Finland on the third train I was on. He was going to Nice too, so we sat on the third and fourth trains together. He had a Eurail pass and was traveling for a few weeks. He had been in the army in Finland. We were sitting together when the train stopped. There was an electrical problem and all the electricity went off on the train. We were stuck there for 3 hours. A young lady from Ireland who was traveling by herself, started to have a panic attack. She had been sitting a few seats in front of Artur and myself. I had been watching her and I saw her struggling. We both got out of our seats and we introduced ourselves to her. She was very scared of being trapped on the train and I explained to her we were not trapped, just stopped for awhile. She also had to catch a flight out of Nice to Ireland at 10:00pm and she was worried she was going to miss her flight. She told us she was a single mom and someone was watching her kids. She also had to work the next day. Of course that just put my whole day into perspective. The attendant on the train came by and I asked him if he could get her some water. He also went through the entire train and had to open all the windows with this little tool. There were not too many people on the train, but the attendant was fantastic. He spoke calmly to everyone. He had to pry open the bathroom door with a tool for me and told me to use my phone as a flashlight, I told him that wasn't necessary I carry a flashlight in my backpack. So Maureen for the second time on my trip, my flashlight was used. The attendant told me he would stay at the door and wait for me in case I could not get out of the bathroom. I told him thank you very much. Of course no one could flush the toilet because that is all part of the electricity on the train. I let Artur use my charger, because his phone was dead. Another great thing I will always travel with now. Some people on the train were very frustrated but no one got angry and that was a good thing. Even with the windows open it was really stuffy and that's when people start to lose it. The attendant was French and he was in control. It's not easy being responsible for all those people. When we finally started again, I told Artur what a nice guy he was. I told him to go up to Eze and described it to him. He said he would go the next day. I said goodbye to them when I got off at Nice Riquier, so I don't know if the lady from Ireland made her flight. It was going to be close. I walked back to the apartment, very glad to be here.

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