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Oldest Post Office in the World, Leadhills, Wanlockhead

Picnic with my in-laws

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This morning we left for a day out in Scotland. Of course we were going to have a picnic. You don't go anywhere for the day in Scotland with my in-laws unless you bring a picnic. I made the sandwiches and Gran got everything else together. John was going to drive because he knew where he was going. We were going to go to Loch Lomond, but we are saving that for tomorrow because tomorrow is my father in law's birthday. I was waiting for them in their car in the driveway and my father in law came up to the car and asked me if I needed to use the toilet before I go. I told him "no John I'm good ". It was then I knew we would have an interesting day. We took off south first to Sanquhar, where we went into the oldest post office in the world. I took some pictures and my mother in-law asked the person working in the post office if we could go out through the side door to see the stables where they used to keep the horses that carried the mail. As we passed one of the doors, Betty pointed out to me a hot water bottle that was on a doorstep. It was ceramic and she said that is what she used when she was little. We continued on from there to the Leadhills and the village of Wanlockhead. As we were driving through the beautiful green fields and mountains, sheep were all over the roads. We had to go slow, so we did not hit any of them. We drove to the visitor center and had our picnic in this beautiful little park, high up on a hill. After lunch we went into the visitor center to get some information about the Leadhills. The village Wanlockhead is the highest village in Scotland, 1531 feet above sea level. The Leadhills is an area where lead and silver have been mined for centuries, even during the Roman days. Gold was also discovered here and the gold was so pure the area was known as "God's Treasure House in Scotland". Much of the gold that James V and Mary Queen of Scots had came from the Leadhills. We drove around the village and saw where the lead mine used to be. We continued on from there to the town of Biggar, where we got out and walked around for awhile. We then drove back to Cumnock. We had a great day! Thank you John and Betty!

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Walking with John, 2nd try for a rental car

Dinner with Gary and Audrey

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This moring, I took a walk with John down into the town. Gary had printed out a school district paper that I needed to turn in and I picked it up at his house. I then walked to the bank and my father in law took Gary's dog for a walk. He met me at the bank and we went to the post office and then back to drop the dog off. We then had lunch and then John and Betty drove me to Prestwick Airport to pick up my rental car. Everything went great and I got a car no problem. It took me awhile to get out of the car park, but eventually I figured it out. I then had to try and find my way back up to Cumnock. When you are driving over here, it is not that easy. The drivers seat is on the other side, all the cars are mostly stick shift and when you turn you are on the other side of the street. I went to a store called Gammells where I was going to meet Audrey, but I did not get her messages and left there and went back to Cumnock. Tonight Gary, Audrey and I went out to dinner to the Royal which is a restaurant and hotel in Cumnock. We had a great night and the food was really good. It has been really nice to relax at John and Betty's house.

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Visiting with my family

Heat wave coming to Scotland

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This morning I woke up late and we sat around and talked until 11:00am. I then walked up to a store called Cumnock Factory Outlet, not because I was going to buy anything, but because I wanted to use their internet. I have some internet access at my in laws house but you can't download things and put pictures on my blog. I walked up to the store and found another rental car and also worked on finding a flight home. I found a car to rent in Prestwick and will pick it up tomorrow. Betty and John walked up to meet me and then Betty and I walked around looking at everything in the store. John walked back home. I bought John a birthday present. When we got back to the house we had a late lunch and then I texted Donald to see if he wanted to come up for dinner. He said yes and would be up shortly. In the meantime my sister in law Margaret and my niece Erin came by to say hello. Donald arrived and we tried to get Margaret and Erin to stay for dinner, but Margaret said they were going home. 5 minutes after they left my brother in law Gordon came in. He said he wasn't staying for dinner, but after he saw our dinner he changed his mind. Glad you could join us Gordon. We had a nice dinner with everyone. Donald and Gordon both left after dinner and I texted my sister in law to make sure she knew Gordon had his dinner here. Aunt Margaret you should have stayed. Then my other brother in law Gary and his girlfriend Audrey came over. We all sat in the living room talking while Betty brought out cakes and cookies and tea and coffee. It was a good night and I'm glad to be back here. The weather report for Scotland says a heat wave is coming. Now if you know anything about the weather in Scotland you are probably thinking that I am making that up. John read the weather report to us and that's what is said. I looked at the temperatures on my phone and the warmest day will be Thursday at 75 degrees. Yes that is a heat wave here!

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Returning to Scotland

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This morning or let me rephrase that since 12:30am last night, I have been at Edinburgh Airport. The first hour I worked on my blog, then I slept for an hour, then for the next three hours I just stared into space wishing the time would go by fast. At 6:00am I called the car rental place, no answer. I waited 15 minutes and called again. They answered and told me I would have to take their shuttle to get out to the car place. I got on the shuttle and arrived at 6:30am. When I got to the desk I showed the man my reservation on priceline. He looked it up and said to me this is not the amount you will be paying. I said yes it is. He said you need to get insurance and there are other taxes you have to pay. He wanted me to pay 600 dollars for a 214 dollar reservation that I had. I told him that was not correct and asked to speak to someone in charge. He told me he was the only one there, because it was 6:30 in the morning. UGH! I said forget it then. He said are you cancelling your reservation and I said of course. I then had to take the car rental shuttle back to the airport. At the airport I had to catch the tram to Haymarket train station in Edinburgh. It was around this time I started to regret buying the purses I was carrying in a way too heavy carry on bag. When I got to Haymarket I took the train to Glasgow Central. Then I boarded a bus to Glasgow Queen Street where I then took a train to New Cumnock. In the meantime I had called my inlaws to see if they could pick me up in New Cumnock, it is about 6 miles away from their home. I got to New Cumnock at 11:15am and the first thing I heard when I got off the train was my father in law yelling to my mother in law "She's on the other side" They thought I was coming up from London on the train, so they were waiting for me on the opposite platform. This was the beginning of my second stay in Scotland. Of course then both of them came very quickly while I was walking towards them. John took my backpack and Betty took the carry on. I was left there standing. I tried to get one of them to give me a bag back, but no way. I was very glad to see them again and I believe they were glad to see me too. We spent the rest of the day talking about my trip and what was going on in their world. It was nice to be "home". John had gone out and gotten sausage rolls for dinner because they know I like them. We then watched the show "The Chase and Britains got Talent" on TV. I was very tired because I had never gone to sleep on Friday night. And if you are wondering if I had a hot water bottle in my bed tonight, the answer is YES! It's nice to be loved!

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My Last Day in Nice, I spent in Italy

Ventimiglia Market, I will be back

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Today is my last day in Nice and I have absolutely loved it here. Its one of these places where if you spend enough time here it grows on you. The scenery is spectatcular. I fly back tonight to Scotland from Nice on a ticket I got for 54 euros, plus my bag. My Eurail pass has expired so it would have cost me a fortune to take all the trains back. I got up this morning and washed all the sheets and towels I was using at the apartment. Then at 11:00 I headed for Nice Riquier to take the train to Ventimiglia Italy. I wanted to go to the Friday market again. I got there around 12 and spent the next four hours wandering around. It was wonderful and the weather was great. There was a chance it might rain, but I did not see any. I wandered along aimlessly looking at everything I don't need. People are yelling for you to buy their goods. So a few purses and a tablecloth later, I boarded the train for Nice. The ride back is beautiful along the water through all these beautiful small towns. I got back to the apartment made sure everything was perfect and left the apartment at about 6:00 for the airport. I was supposed to take the bus to Lycee Massena, but I missed the stop. I asked a lady on the bus what to do and she said "oh just get off here and take the 23, you only have to pay 1.50 euros. Well I had already used my pass so it was still valid. It cost me 1.50 euros to get to the airport and I thought that was pretty good. I did have to take another bus when I got to Terminal 1 to get to Terminal 2. I had about a 2 hour wait, flight was not too bad, turbulent in a few places. I am now sitting at Edinburgh airport in Costa Coffee drinking Tea. My flight got in at 12:30am and I didn't want anyone coming all the way up and over here to get me. I also rented a car and I pick it up in the morning at 6:00am. I have a bit of a wait, so I am catching up on my blog. So tonight I am not going to fall asleep listening to anything. In fact I need to stay awake to watch my backpack and other bag.

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